Take Care x Laura Hadlow

Take Care x Laura Hadlow

Introducing the second instalment of our Take Care series, where we ask our favourite creatives and community members about their lives, their work and how they take care. Laura Hadlow is a name that needs no introduction amongst those in the know. Our very own Kiwi 'it girl', Laura is a content creator and creative strategist based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.



CP: Hi Laura, tell us a little bit about yourself and your career and creative journey so far?

LH: I come from a big family, with 6 children to be exact! I absolutely love it. We had so much fun growing up but I now look at my mum and think she is crazy…ha! I am the youngest of 5 girls and also have a younger brother. Out of all my siblings who went on to become lawyers and doctors, I ended up following more of a creative pathway and studied a Bachelor of Business & a Bachelor of Communications Double Degree at AUT, which I really enjoyed. I have always loved fashion and have my mum to thank for that! So during my first year of Uni I interned with a Fashion PR Agency which opened my eyes to the possibilities within the industry... from there I began sharing more images of my personal style on Instagram which organically started to grow.  In my final year I did a marketing placement at Maggie Marilyn. 

When I graduated, my best friend and I started our own fashion label called The Post, which was such an incredible learning experience. We were designing, marketing, packing… doing it all! It was so much fun and we made the best memories including travelling to NYFW. Although the brand was successful, we both were quite keen to get more experience and travel so decided to put it on hold. 

I now work as a freelance creative strategist and content creator, after juggling a handful of clients as well as my own business over the past 2 years, I am now solely focussed on working in-house at Caitlin Crisp, a New Zealand fashion designer who I have known for many years and have worked alongside since the beginning which is really special. I look after the Sales, PR, Marketing, Social Media & assist with design…. while also running my own brand and social media. Dream job! 


CP: You always look so effortlessly put together. When it comes to fashion and styling, where do you find your inspiration and what are your tips for easy yet polished everyday dressing? 

LH: Thank you! Day-to-day I work at a fashion label  so I feel constantly inspired by the season and colour palettes but in saying that my style is forever changing and right now I just love having a versatile wardrobe with neutral colours and beautiful accessories. 

CP: Could you talk us through your creative content process - what does this look like for you? 

LH: Day-to-day my content is a reflection of what I am up to, obviously this is forever changing if I am traveling, the season or the events I attend! 

CP: What are your tips for aspiring creators looking to forge their own path in this space? 

LH: Be yourself, don’t be afraid of what other people may think and don’t overthink it! 


CP: You recently got married - congratulations! Tell us about your (absolutely stunning - swoon) big day. What were the highlights? 

LH: Thank you! It truly was the best day of my life. William and I are high school sweethearts and have been together since we were 17. One of my main highlights (other than marrying the love of my life lol) would have to be my 70cm in diameter raspberry sponge cake… I was so determined to have this cake - I asked 9 different patisseries


CP: What does a typical day in the life look like for you? 

LH: I am a morning person for sure, so I tend to do all my admin in the early hours! Answering emails, exercising, house tasks etc… then head into work at Caitlin Crisp for 9am! I spend around 5 hours there and then head home and work on my own content creation jobs for the rest of the afternoon. I love cooking (and early dinners) so spend my evenings pottering away in the kitchen before sitting down for dinner with my husband over a glass of red wine. After dinner we love to tuck up on the couch and watch a movie or go for a walk around the neighbourhood with my Yorkie, Coco, in tow.  
CP: How are you doing, Laura?  

LH: I am not going to lie, this year has been incredibly full on which means little to no routine and that is something I struggle with. A combination of the wedding, travel with work and we also just bought our first home so getting settled into that amongst the rest was hectic! I am definitely out the other end now and feeling a lot more relaxed and just enjoying the space I am in. 

CP: How do you take care? Whether this be prioritising self care or caring for others? 

LH: I take care by looking after my mental wellbeing, whether it be exercising, catching up with friends or cooking my husband something yummy (my love language is acts of service)! I am a true believer in surrounding yourself with the right energy, so I am always aware of my surroundings and acting on anything that isn’t serving me. 

CP: And finally, how are you going to be styling your COMMONPLACE ESSENTIALS this winter?

LH: I am loving the Take Care Polo. I wear it on my morning walks because it is so cosy when it’s freezing outside. I also can’t go past the Claremont Trackpant and Cotton Zip in Cream for lounging.

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