Introductions With... Fiona Cameron

Introductions With... Fiona Cameron

I’m Fi, I live in Auckland and my Monday to Friday consists of working at RUBY as their Head Rubette Development Manager. I’ve been there over two years now and I truly feel so grateful to work along side my love for fashion with the most inspiring team of Rubettes.

On weekends, I’m mostly walking, swimming, catching up with friends or reading. No matter the task, it’s always with a glass of chilled red! I kinda feel like I’m writing a dating app questionnaire, so onto the next q! 

Describe your personal style in three words?

Sexy or cool, only need two words because it’s either cool or sexy and nothing in between! 

Album, artist or playlist that's been high on rotation?

At the moment, I have Fred again’s new album on again, again and again ;). I also recently went to Kings of Leon so I have had them on repeat as well, reminds me of such an epic night! 

Best book / podcast recommendations of late?

Very basic, but just finished it starts with us, which is the second book following It Ends With us. Both I really enjoyed and have a super guilty pleasure for romance (bit of an ick i know)

Favourite thing about Auckland? 

You can travel north, east, south or west from Auckland and you’re somewhere truly stunning! I absolutely love weekend get aways with friends!

And other any local reccys?

Have been to Oofa twice in the last few weeks, the eggplant pizza has me in a choke hold! 

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