Introductions With... Amy Chapman

Introductions With... Amy Chapman

Introducing, Amy. An amazing mum to two beautiful kids and the owner of Chapman Store in Dunedin. Hi Amy! 

Hello! So I've been in the fashion industry since I was 17 when a job at Slick Willys popped up. Despite being in the industry for so long, I really love it and my customers over time have also become my friends. 

Having the store and a family is definitely busy, but I make sure I have good work/life balance and spend as much time as poss with the kids because they grow up so fast!

Describe your personal style in three words?

Super Duper Casual (lol)

Album, artist or playlist that's been high on rotation?

Beyonce's new album and I love old school 80's banger playlists

Best book / podcast recommendations of late?

I have been listening to 'The Curve', it's all about investing for women. Its really interesting and the girls that host it are a laugh! 

Favourite thing about Dunedin?

The people. I really love how you kinda know everyone here.  

And other any local reccys?

My go-to spot for good food and wine is definitely the Esplanade. Titi is really amazing too - make sure you book. 

If you are visiting from out of town I would recommend walking some of the Pineapple Track and definitely visiting Tunnel Beach!

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